Draymond Green put up his third triple single of the finals scoring only 2 points in Warriors’ Game 3 loss to the Celtics. The story his disastrous night was constant arguments with referees while he did a whole lot of nothing on the basketball court before fouling out. Naturally after the game Draymond Green was very agitated, and when a reporter made an interesting comment about his podcast during his postgame interview things got a bit testy.

Is Draymond Green’s Podcast Helping Celtics Beat Warriors? Draymond Green Arguing with Jake Fischer Gets Heated

Draymond Green has been using his podcast to talk about things that went on during each game of the 2022 NBA Finals. During his postgame interview Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer suggested that things he was discussing during his Draymond Green Show podcast show was giving Celtics tips on strategies the Warriors were going to use during each game of the NBA Finals. Of course he made the suggestion in the form of a legit question.

Immediately Draymond Green fired back at the Jake Fischer stating that things he says on his podcast are the same things he’s saying during postgame interviews. He denied giving the Celtics valuable x and o’s information that would give them an edge during games. Draymond Green went as far as insinuating Jake Fischer has a low IQ for even thinking the things he said on his podcast were valuable information for Celtics’ coaching staff.

Take a listen to how it went down, skip to the 1:10 mark of the video.

For reference to what Jake Fischer is referring to take a listen to the Draymond Green Show episode that aired after Game 2 of 2022 NBA Finals.

When Draymond Green cursed in front of his son at the beginning of his postgame interview that was sure fire sign it was going to be an eventful 10 minutes. Jake Fischer asked a legit question, so he definitely couldn’t have known Draymond would take it the wrong way.

On the night Draymond Green finished Game 3 with 2 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists on 25% shooting, while also fouling out the game. From a statistical standpoint this might be his worst finals ever, and is a continuation of his decline this season as a whole.

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