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J Cole Air Balls Almost Every Shot in Disastrous Second ABL Game for Patriots

When J Cole decided to become a professional basketball player he probably didn’t expect it to go smoothly, since the last time he play organized basketball was in college. After scoring 3 points in his debut game most people thought he would have a better showing in his second game, but his performance ended up being worse.

J Cole air balled almost every shot in his second ABL game Patriots vs GNBC. To his defense in basketball it’s sometimes much harder to hit wide open shots than contested ones, and these shots J Cole airballed were very wide open. One bright spot was the fact that J Cole was playing decent defense, and even locked people up sometimes.

Hopefully J Cole doesn’t get discourage by his lackluster shooting in this game, because it is still only his second professional game. Hopefully this will be lowest point of his ABL career, and he has a coming out party in his next game. He’s probably in the gym putting up jumpers right now to make sure he proves all his doubters wrong in his 3rd showing.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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