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This New Free to Play NFL Football Game Might Be Better Than Madden: STG Football 2023 Review

Did you know there is a free NFL game that you can play right now? STG Football is a new football game that was released on Steam Early Access on August 29, 2023, and so far it has taken the gaming community by storm. The game is developed by SuperTeam Games and is officially licensed by the NFL Players Association (NFLPA).

A Free to Play NFL with NFLPA SuperStars That’s Better than Madden?

What makes this game stand out from other football games is that it is free-to-play, supports 4v4 multiplayer gameplay, and features a roster of officially licensed NFLPA SuperStars. This means that anyone can download and play the game without paying any money. However, this does not mean that the game lacks quality or content.

On the contrary, the game boasts a roster of over 100 NFLPA SuperStars.

Some the big names include Travis Kelce, Davante Adams, Cooper Kupp, Aaron Donald, Patrick Mahomes II, Aaron Rodgers, and many more. Each SuperStar has unique skills and abilities that can be upgraded and unlocked as the player progresses. The player can also purchase additional digital packs from the STG Football Store or the STG Football Marketplace to expand their roster and build their fantasy team.

4v4 Multiplayer Gameplay with Real-Time Action

Another distinctive feature of STG Football is that it supports 4v4 multiplayer gameplay. The game can accommodate up to 8 players, who can engage in a 4v4 format game. Each player acts as the team captain for a quarter, devising the strategies and plays for their team. The teams can communicate with each other through real-time audio chat during the game. This creates a strong focus on teamwork, strategy, and unpredictability, as each game is different and challenging.

The game also prioritizes real-time action over watching. The matches are brief, but packed with non-stop excitement and speedy play calling. The game has an arcade-style atmosphere, with fast-paced and fluid gameplay that resembles some Madden games. The game also promises new game functionality, new SuperStars, and innovative gameplay with every passing season. It’s not far fetched to say that STG Football might be better than Madden, in terms of casual enjoyment.

A Game That Deserves Attention

STG Football is a game that deserves attention from football fans and gamers alike. It is a high quality free-to-play NFL football game that features officially licensed NFLPA SuperStars and real-time action that can give you enjoyment on par, if not better than the Madden franchise. It is a game that combines fun, skill, and strategy in a unique way. It’s also doesn’t require a high end PC to run smoothly.

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