The Nets have lost two straight games to Cavaliers who fully exposed their defensive woes. In a post game interview after the second loss Kyrie Irving responded to Malika Andrews question about whether the Nets can be a team the turns up defensive intensity at certain times with a bold statement.

Kyrie Irving told Malika Andrews, “Nets can’t be a flip switch team, we know that doesn’t work“.

Skip to the 53 second mark of the video.

In both losses to the Cavaliers Collin Sexton torched Kyrie Irving. James Harden also had way too many defensive lapses, showing the same flaws that cost his teams games during his Rockets tenure. Cavaliers capitalized on all their defensive mistakes, allowing them to prevail in both games despite having less talent.

Sure Kevin Durant wasn’t playing due to precautions of his repaired Achilles, but a team with James Harden and Kyrie Irving is still considered a “super team”. Kyrie Irving took 24 shots, while James Harden took 14 shots. They were both fairly efficient, but that doesn’t matter when you can’t guard your own shadow.

So far Nets defense has been so bad you might as well call Kyrie and Harden the “Cement Foot Brothers”. They have trouble moving around the court on defense like they have cinder blocks tied on their feet.

Author: JordanThrilla

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