DK Metcalf Real Life Madden Glitch High Jump Sparks Drug Testing Conspiracy Theory

It’s safe to say that Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf had one of the most jaw-dropping catches seen in recent times when he leapt up in the air to make a miraculous one-handed grab in recent footage going viral. In the video, it almost appears as if Metcalf had performed a real life version of the famous Madden Glitch high jump.

The video of Metcalf’s catch has since gone viral, sparking a conspiracy theory among some NFL fans that league executives might think he has been taking performance-enhancing drugs in order to make such a jump. They believe the NFL will contact him for a drug test very soon, as the same has happened to athletes in other sports. However, Metcalf’s jump was most likely the result of his incredible athleticism.

If you look closely you can see it appears DK Metcalf jumped higher than the buildings, and shorter light pole behind him. That could be a result of the camera angle though.

DK Metcalf Real Life Madden Glitch High Jump Sparks Drug Testing Conspiracy Theory
DK Metcalf Real Like Madden Glitch Jump

For reference here is one example of the Madden High Jump Glitch. The crazy thing about this is that DK Metcalf jumped even higher than the video game glitch.

When it comes to making incredible catches, Metcalf is more than capable and his stunning grab will most likely be remembered for a long time. Despite the rumors and speculation, it appears that Metcalf’s real life Madden Glitch jump was probably the result of hard work and practice. After all he does have one of the most impressive physiques in NFL history in terms of Wide Receivers.

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