On October 6, 2004 the life of Lebron James changed when he gave birth to his first son Bronny James. 17 years later Bronny James is following in his father’s basketball footsteps trying to reach that NBA dream. He’s still in high school, but because he’s Lebron James’ son basketball fans are already mesmerized by his presence on the court. Being the offspring of Lebron has made Bronny one of the biggest superstars in the world, and recent video conveys just how famous he has become.

Video Shows Stampede of People Rushing Gym to See Bronny James Play

Recently Bronny James was at an arena getting ready to play another basketball game. Once he arrived at the gym word began spread, and a massive crowd of people began to form outside the gym prior to the doors officially opening to let them in. As you’ll see in the footage once those doors opened a massive stampede of people rushed the gym to see Bronny.

Since the gym doesn’t have designated seats the faster you get into the gym the closer you can be to the court. That’s why the crowd rushed to the gym to see Bronny James. They wanted to have the best view of seeing him play.

Bronny has become a walking highlight real in recent weeks as it seems he is more aggressive on offense.

Bronny James has one more year of High School before he will take his talents to the NCAA, or G League if he forgoes the College Basketball route like Jalen Green. At the moment his most notable offer is from Kansas.

It’s safe to say wherever he goes after High School that team is going to have sold out arenas.

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