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2023 All Star Celebrity Game Scripted? 21 Savage Scoring 21st Point Sparks Conspiracy Theories

The 2023 NBA All Star Celebrity game will go down in history as the game in which rapper 21 Savage scored the 21st point. Some people are calling it a remarkable coincidence, others are calling it proof the NBA scripted the 2023 All Star Celebrity game, while others believe it was a sign of divine fate.

With the game building up to an exciting conclusion to the first quarter the score was 18-19 with about 4 minutes left to go. Team Dwyane Wade was losing, but an unlikely star would arise to help them regain the lead. 21 Savage stepped up and nailed a pull up three-point shot for the 21st point of the game. The moment was instantly iconic and has been discussed ever since. A conspiracy theory that the 2023 All Star NBA Celebrity Game is scripted began to gain steam.

Many people have attributed 21 Savage’s 21st point to either sheer luck and coincidence. Some have argued that the moment was pre-planned, with the NBA scripting it to have 21 Savage score the 21st point since his rap name includes the same number. Others believe that it was a sign of divine fate, as if it was meant to be. Whatever the case may be it was an amazing and clutch moment. Lauri Markkanen who was commentating even seemed impressed.

Regardless of whether it was luck, divine fate, or an NBA script, 21 Savage’s scoring the 21st point in Celebrity All Star Game will be remembered for a long time. It was a strangely incredible moment in the world of sports and entertainment, one that was made remarkable due to the number involved. The chances of this successfully happening are extremely rare considering all the things that had to go right for it to happen.

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