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Is Asian Doll a Culture Vulture? Alleged Old Tweets of Asian Doll Disrespecting Indian Culture Resurface After Indian Theme Party Debacle

For a long time Asian Doll went without criticism of her rap name. It was kind of like how the Washington Football Team went for a long time without any criticism of their old name, which disrespected Native Americans. However, this all changed today when a major mistake led to people saying Asian Doll is a culture vulture.

Details on Why Hashtag #Asiandollculturevulture (Asian Doll Culture Vulture) is Viral World Wide

Asian Doll has a birthday party coming up on December 7 at Revel Atlanta, which she has recently been promoting on social media. The theme of the party will be Bollywood, and she requested that everyone wear Indian clothing. For some strange reason in the advertisement for her Bollywood party, Asian Doll played Arabic music from a completely different culture.

When people called out Asian Doll and tried to tell her the music wasn’t Indian she replied saying,

“So TF what, just come to the party or not”.

Hashtag #Asiandollculturevulture Goes Viral After Asian Doll Disrespects Indian Culture with Birthday Party Flyer Promo. Is Asian Doll a Culture Vulture?

Is Asian Doll a Culture Vulture? Alleged Old Tweets of Asian Doll Disrespecting Indian Culture Resurface

To many people on social media it seems like Asian Doll is throwing an Indian themed party, while actually not even trying to learn about Indian culture. When people tried to tell her she was playing Arabic music for an Indian themed party ad, she didn’t even care.

That seems like the epitome of culture appropriation, which has led to some people deeming Asian Doll a culture vulture. In the midst the backlash people found old tweets where Asian Doll disrespected Indian culture in the past way before the Bollywood themed party promo ad.

In this deleted tweet that has been seen floating around social media Asian Doll allegedly said,

“I’m at this Indian Restaurant, what should I order everything look nasty”.

To her defense it’s possible this was a typo, which might be the reason she deleted it. Maybe she meant to say “everything look tasty”. We all know how those word predicters on cellphones can be, they’ll have you typing the completely wrong sentence sometimes.

Likewise it’s possible it wasn’t a typo.

Is Asian Doll's Rap Name Culture Appropriation? Old tweets showing Asian Doll wanted be Indian Doll. Social Media Reacts to 'Asian Doll Culture Vulture' Trending World Wide

Is Asian Doll’s Rap Name Culture Appropriation?

With accusations that Asian Doll is a culture vulture taking over social media, people began to focus on the persona she uses in the rap game. The million dollar question ‘Why does she call herself ‘Asian’ Doll’ fueled the allegations even more. It’s alleged that Asian Doll isn’t part Asian genetically, which makes her rap name a bit insensitive to some people.

In the midst of her rap name being analyzed people found old tweets from a time where Asian Doll was obsessed with being Indian Doll, or so it seemed.

People Expose Old Tweets of Asian Doll Disrespecting Indian Culture Before the Bollywood themed Party Promo Ad. Tweet containing Asian Doll culture appropriation and culture vulture references.

Social Media Reacts to ‘Asian Doll Culture Vulture’ Trending World Wide

With the way people reacted to Asian Doll’s culture vulture party promo blunder, it seemed people had a lot to say they have been holding in for a long time. People were really getting deep with their reactions to Asian Doll disrespecting Indian culture, and her use of the “Asian” ethnicity in her rap name. The tweets all included the hashtag #Asiandollculturevulture.