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New Orleans Man Shot By Police While Trying to Run From Getting a Marijuana Ticket

There’s an old saying that says if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes, and two men from New Orleans learned that the hard way.

How a Simple Marijuana Ticket Violation Turned into a New Orleans Police Shooting

In viral footage a New Orleans man was shot by police while attempting to run from getting a Marijuana Ticket citation. The police originally approached them for parking on the wrong side of the road. However, once they rolled down their windows the smell of marijuana caught the cops’ attention. When the police officer tried to pull the passenger out the car a struggle ensued, and he accidentally shot the man in his leg. At this moment the driver of the vehicle got in his car and sped off from scene.

What Is the Fine Amount for Marijuana in New Orleans?

In New Orleans getting caught with Marijuana carries a fine of only $40. The cop tried to tell these two men that they would only get the $40 citation for smoking in their car, but they didn’t listen. Instead they risked their lives with one getting shot, and now face felony charges.

You have to wonder why they would park on the wrong side of the road while doing something illegal anyway. It doesn’t get any dumber than that. Luckily the man who was shot is expected to survive.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff