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The New Construction Ladder Challenge Is Even More Dangerous than the Crate Challenge

With the Crate Challenge taking social media by storm, and causing numerous injuries around the world, an even more dangerous challenge is about to take its place. The construction worker Ladder Challenge is much more simple to do, but also has a much higher risk of serious injury.

What is the Construction Worker Ladder Challenge?

To do the Ladder Challenge you only need one thing, a very tall ladder. In order to successfully complete this challenge you have to climb up and down the ladder without leaning it against any wall. The first video of the Ladder Challenge resulted in a construction possibly breaking his leg.

They say Hospital ICUs are filling up with COVID patients, but between the Ladder challenge and Crate Challenge there may be a new pandemic on the rise; The social media challenge pandemic.

Prayers up for the the pain the Construction Worker Ladder Challenge will put innocent people through.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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