There was once a time when teachers generally felt safe going to work everyday. Those times are now a thing of the past after incidents like the Salvador Ramos mass shooting keep happening repeatedly in our society. One of the major problems teachers face is that they never truly prepared for scary moments like that when they actually happen, but one teacher named Mrs. Taylor Mora is now taking precautions to help ensure the safety of her and her students, but she may have made a huge mistake.

Details About the Huge Mistake Made by a Teacher Showing Precautions She Takes After Mass Shooting Trend in United States

TikTok user @mrs.taylormora created a video for her fans to give them an inside glimpse of the preventative measures she takes that could save her life and students in the event of a mass shooting. She showed normal things like making sure her door was locked, covering all windows with dark shades, and creating plans to keep her students quiet in the event of an emergency. However, at one point she gave potential mass shooters a look at her secret hiding spot.

As you’ll see in the video Mrs. Taylor Mora created a space inside the closet area of her classroom that is wide enough for her fit comfortably inside with the door closed. It’s a great hiding place that a mass shooter probably wouldn’t think to look, but now since her video is going viral any potential mass shooter out there potentially knows her secret hiding place idea. Some things are best not to be put on social media for some views, and that part of the video was probably one of them. It just doesn’t make sense to let the world know about your secret hiding spot especially when it’s meant to keep you safe in a scary situation.

That video is almost comparable a drug dealer making a TikTok video where they shows the world where they hide drugs during police RAID, or a rich person showing the world where they hide cash in their home. Sure videos like that will go viral and get you some likes, but it’s all counter productive since it renders those secrets useless.

Despite the huge mistake she made the message that Mrs. Taylor Mora was trying to send is very real. Teacher’s now have to worry about the safety of themselves and their students at all times, and that’s just the sad result of the crazy society we live in today.

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