Screenshot from Seat Pregnant Woman Reddit AITA Thread is About a Man's Hand.

Respect goes a long way in the world we live in today, yet still so many people refuse to respect others. One form of respect is giving up your seat for people who need it more when using public transportation, but when is it okay not to? This debate is at the core of a reddit story about a pregnant woman’s seat, or lack thereof.

Here’s Why a Seat Pregnant Woman Reddit AITA Thread About a Man’s Hand is Going Viral

You may or may not be familiar with the reddit forum AITA, which stands for “Am I the A**hole”. In this subreddit people tell real life stories about tense situations they were in, and the readers decide who was the prick in the situation. Not all stories on this forum catch the attention of the internet, but a recent AITA thread titled “AITA for sitting on a man’s hand after he refused to remove it from the empty seat” has captured the attention of social media users worldwide.

This crazy AITA story involves a 30 year old pregnant woman, an empty seat on a bus, a man’s hand, and the pregnant woman’s husband. Have you ever been to a crowded place where there’s an empty seat, but someone has their belongings in it? In most cases they would respectfully move it for you to sit down. However, every once in a while there will be that person that just wants to be mean for no good reason.

In this story the 8 months pregnant woman got on crowded bus that had one empty seat, and in that seat was the hand of a man. When she politely asked the man to move his hand, so she could sit down the man refused to move his hand despite the fact she was visibly pregnant.

At that point woman tried explaining to him that she was very tired, and her legs were hurting. The rude man replied saying her pregnancy wasn’t his problem. That’s when things took a turn for the worse, and emotions spurred out of control.

Details About Happened After the Pregnant Woman Sits on the Man’s Hand in an Empty Seat

The pregnant woman wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so she decided to sit right on that man’s hand since he wouldn’t move it. This sent the man into a rage, and he accused her of lacking basic manners, which was ironic because he refused to move his hand from an empty seat for a pregnant woman. The man would get off the bus shortly after the argument, but the bad day didn’t end there for the pregnant lady.

Husband Reacts to Pregnant Woman’s Seat Story

Naturally when a wife tells her husband about another man berating her in public you would expect that he would offer some emotional support. However, to the pregnant woman’s surprise her husband took the side of the man who wouldn’t move his hand from the empty seat.

After being berated by the rude man on the bus, she was also berated by her husband. In the story she said her husband accused her of being inconsiderate, and making man feel uncomfortable. He may have felt some type of way about his wife’s butt being on the man’s hand.

Screenshot from Seat Pregnant Woman Reddit AITA Thread is About a Man's Hand.
Screenshot of AITA Pregnant Woman Seat Thread on Reddit

How Social Media Reacted to the Seat Pregnant Woman AITA Thread Story

That’s the gist of the whole story, so now you know why the seat pregnant lady AITA thread is so viral. As you can see in the screenshot above AITA voted that the pregnant woman was not the a**hole in the situation, despite what her husband thought. In addition on social media platforms such as twitter most people agreed that she was right in sitting on the man’s hand, and also they called out her husband for not being supportive.

Imagine getting more emotional support from reddit then your own significant other even when you’re pregnant. That’s definitely a relationship red flag.

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