When you move into a new apartment you don’t expect to find anything creepy waiting for you, but sometimes you do. A family found a two way mirror with a secret room compartment behind it with hidden cameras after moving into a new house in a viral video.

The family was suspicious when the wall looked slightly different then the rest of room, but they never expected to find secret compartment hidden with cameras behind a Two Way Mirror in the house they just made their new home.

Besides the hidden cameras, the craziest thing about the compartment room behind the Two way mirror was the creepy looking cabinets they found. What could possibly be the story behind that room? The fact that it was behind a two way mirror means something was meant to be looking back at people secretly while in that compartment. The video equipment inside the secret room didn’t seem to be in working order.

If there is any reason to move out a new house, making a discovery like this would be on the list. You wouldn’t want to be there when some random person came back searching for their recording gear.

Author: JordanThrilla