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Jim Jones Threatens Mal for Asking Him About Max B during Joe Budden Podcast

Remember that beef between Max B and Jim Jones? She Touched in Miami? Well the bad blood between the two is still simmering hot, and it almost boiled over during a recent interview.

Jim Jones threatened Mal for asking him about Max B during the Joe Budden Podcast. During a conversation about him squashing beef with French Montana, Mal asked Jim Jones “Do you think you and Max B can get to that point?”. Jim Jones responded saying, “We ain’t going to talk about that. Let’s not go there. Don’t mention the name again” while pointing at Mal. Hearing Max B’s name sent instant emotions of anger through Jim Jones’ mind.

Skip to the 2hr 50min mark of the video below.


When Jim Jones pointed his finger at Mal, you could tell he knew he messed up by asking him that question. Jim Jones was probably feeling like the legendary Joe Budden smiley we included in this article.

The interesting thing about this situation is that Jim Jones is the one that did Max B wrong. They had their falling out after Jim Jones allegedly scammed Max B with a terrible contract, didn’t come to pick him up from jail, and then held him hostage under that contract. It should be Max B still holding a grudge against Jim Jones, not the other way around.

On the flipside the Max B beef really did damage to Jim Jones’ career, so that’s probably why he’s still mad at him. After Max B left Byrdgang Jim Jones’ music never quite hit the same again and he never had a single as big as “Ballin”, which Max B wrote for him.

Author: JordanThrilla

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