Is Au’Diese Toney gay? In sports there are many times players say things that just come out the wrong way, but they usually say “no homo” or “pause” after, such as what happened to Nikola Jokic. However, one Pittsburgh Panthers player is trending, because of his super gay way of describing what happened during the game.

During a postgame interview Pittsburgh Panthers basketball player Au’Diese Toney’s gay comment saying, “They busted in our mouths, we had eat it up and take it on the chin” shocked the sports world. People aren’t sure if he was trolling or if Au’Diese Toney is gay. He didn’t say “no homo” or “pause” after making the remarks.

Au’Diese Toney started off the comment with a questionable statement, then took even further when he said they had to eat it up. The smile on his face made it seem like he knew exactly what he was saying, and had possibly experienced what he was describing. However, that smile could also mean he knew that he was trolling and would go viral in comedic fashion.

Either way this might be one of the funniest “pause” moments in sports history. If Au’Diese Toney is gay kudos to him for not being afraid to express himself on National TV. It would possibly make him the first openly gay Pittsburgh Panthers basketball player in their history.

Author: JordanThrilla

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