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The Surprising Tripolar Reason Why Mike Tyson Might Quit Smoking Weed Before His Jake Paul Fight

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has been making headlines recently, not just for his upcoming fight against Jake Paul, but also for his candid discussion about marijuana and its impact on his life. In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Tyson revealed how this controversial plant has shaped his journey and why he might make a surprising decision before stepping into the ring.

How Marijuana Allegedly Healed Mike Tyson

Tyson’s relationship with marijuana goes beyond recreational use. He credits it with transforming his life and making him a better person. The impact was so profound that he decided to start his own cannabis company, driven by a desire to help others who might be suffering from mental and physical pain. For Tyson, marijuana isn’t just a substance; it’s a tool for healing.

The Alter Egos: Does Mike Tyson Have Tripolar Disorder?

During the interview, Tyson didn’t hold back. He openly admitted that when he abstains from smoking weed, he becomes a different person. Without it, he describes himself as “irritable” and less likable. His self-awareness led him to speculate that he might have a “tripolar personality disorder,” which becomes more evident when he isn’t medicated with marijuana.

Similar to how someone with bipolar disorder has a split personality, a person with the tripolar variant has three different personalities.

The Fight Strategy: Why is Mike Tyson Quitting Weed Before the Fight?

Now, here’s the intriguing twist. Tyson plans to leverage his apparent weed addiction to his advantage in the fight against Jake Paul.

He confided to Hannity that he might quit smoking weed before the bout. Why? So he can tap into his inner aggression and be more “nasty” during the fight. Tyson believes that without the calming effects of marijuana, he won’t be too friendly to Jake Paul in the ring—despite their friendship outside of it.

In a world where fighters often rely on rigorous training and mental preparation, Tyson’s decision stands out. Whether it’s a calculated strategy or a genuine reflection of his complex personality, one thing is clear: Mike Tyson’s battle with weed is as intriguing as the fight itself.

As the countdown to the Tyson-Paul clash continues, fans are left wondering how this unconventional approach will play out in the ring. Will Tyson’s newfound sobriety make him even more formidable? Or will Jake Paul capitalize on any perceived vulnerability?

One thing is certain: This fight promises more than just punches—it’s a clash of personalities, fueled by a controversial herb that has shaped Tyson’s life in unexpected ways.

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