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Did PJ Tucker Make the First Accidental Three Point Shot in NBA Playoffs History?

Some NBA players like Ben Simmons can’t make three point shots even when they try, while others are making them even when they don’t want to. PJ Tucker’s accidental three point shot during Game 3 of Bucks vs Hawks could possibly be the first accidental three pointer in NBA Playoffs history.

The play happened with 8:29 to go in the third quarter when Bucks were down by 7 points. PJ Tucker threw an alley oop pass to Giannis from beyond the three point line, and somehow rattled it through the rim perfectly. Hawks wanted goaltending called, but slow motion replay would show it was a clean accidental three point shot from PJ Tucker.

Bucks playoffs run has shown how important the acquisition of PJ Tucker was to the team. In their last series he played superhuman defense on Kevin Durant, and now he’s literally making threes without trying. This could change how people think about “effortless jumpers”.

Is there anything PJ Tucker can’t do? He make bad passing into a possible historic highlight.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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