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Was Lebron James Throwing Up Crip Gang Signs During the NBA All-Star Game 2024?

LeBron James, a titan of the basketball world, recently found himself in the spotlight for an unexpected reason. At the 2024 NBA All-Star Game introductions, LeBron’s hand gesture — part of his iconic ‘crown’ celebration — sparked a wave of controversy. Some folks thought they saw a gang sign in the mix.

Did Lebron James Throw Crip Gang Signs During the NBA All-Star Game 2024?

LeBron’s ‘crown’ celebration is his trademark — a way to mark his triumphs on the court, a nod to his status as a king of the game. But this time, his usual gesture stirred up some unexpected chatter.

The heart of the matter? LeBron’s hand shape during his ‘crown’ gesture looked a bit too much like the ‘Crip’ gang sign for some. This set off a flurry of speculation and hot takes on social media, with people wondering if he was signaling something more than just his usual signature celebratory move.

But let’s pause and consider another angle: maybe it’s all just a big coincidence. Hand gestures are a complex language of their own, and it’s not unusual for different meanings to overlap. It’s quite possible that LeBron, in creating his signature move, accidentally mirrored a gesture that’s also associated with the ‘Crips’.

Lebron James Crip gang sign NBA All-Star game 2024
Does it Look Like Lebron James is Throwing Crip Gang Signs? Image Credit: YouTube/NBA

Despite the buzz, there’s zero proof that LeBron has any ties to the ‘Crip’ gang or any gang, for that matter. Living in LA, a city with a deep history of gang culture, LeBron has always steered clear of that world.

Off the court, LeBron’s known for being a stand-up guy — a mentor, a philanthropist, and a community leader. His track record as a positive force in society doesn’t line up with the recent claims thrown his way.

Even his son Bryce has denounced throwing up gang signs in public spaces.

The whole debate around LeBron James at the All-Star Game has definitely got people talking. But it’s key to sift through the noise and stick to the facts. The resemblance between LeBron’s ‘crown’ and the ‘Crip’ sign? Probably just a mix-up, but who really knows.

However, as of now there’s simply no evidence to conclude it was anything other than a coincidence. If Lebron did intentionally throw up Crip gang signs on Live TV, that would easily have been one of the most risky moves of his career.

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