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Rapper Lil Tay GoFundMe Started After Allegations of Lil Tay Abused By her Father

A Rapper Lil Tay GoFundMe has started after news of Lil Tay abused by her father. According to reports Lil Tay is broke, because of a legal battle to take back control of her life and career. The viral rapper that once called people broke, is now desperately asking for help.

A viral video showed the moment back in 2018 when Lil Tay learned from a court order that her dad demanded complete control over her life, money, and career. Lil Tay was crying in the short clip. That was when her court case started in the Supreme Court of Canada, and her life savings started to drain rapidly.

Details About the Lil Tay GoFundMe Campaign

Lil Tay allegedly doesn’t have any funds left to pay the lawyers fighting for her freedom. Her father and his new wife that are allegedly mentally and physically abusing Lil Tay, are going to take all her money and completely control her life. The abuse she is allegedly a victim of will continue.


Back in the day Lil Tay was the queen of flexing. She spent countless hours on IG Live flaunting her money and calling other people broke. As arrogant as she used to be this doesn’t take away from the dire situation she is currently in. Now kid growing up deserves to experience what she is allegedly going through.

Hopefully Lil Tay’s GoFundMe give her the boost needed to win this court battle.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff