Incredible Video has surfaced of two lions allegedly giving people a tour of a location in Africa. The Lions calmly lead the people on a beautiful tour of the scenic landscape, while they record comfortably with their cellphones. The lions didn’t seem dangerous at all, and there is no fear at all in the people’s eyes. The footage has shocked millions, which is natural considering how ferocious lions are.

Safe to say, even though the lions do look friendly the potential danger of the situation is still remains. Some people even believe the lions were being smart by attempting to lead the tourists to their den to be eaten.

However there could be a scientific explanation behind why the lions were harmless in that moment. Most likely the lions were well fed, or even over fed before being allowed closed to the tourists. When Lions are really full and not hungry, they are practically not dangerous at all. Still you would have to be very brave to ever go on a tour like this.

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