Colin Cowherd got dissed & exposed on Twitter after user posted his “undisciplined” daughter Liv Cowherd on her Instagram IG Live with caption “I Belong to THE STREETS”, in response comments talking trash about New Orleans Saints.

The twitter user sent Colin Cowherd a picture from his daughter’s Liv Cowherd’s current Instagram IG Live feed. What Really Stood out, is the whole picture from the tweet.

In the whole picture you could see her caption on the Instagram IG Live feed was “I belong to THE STREETS”. The last part in all in caps. Looks like the twitter user might actually be on to something.

Is there actually trouble in the Cowherd household? Is his daughter really out of control? Some people might say it doesn’t seem like a caption a “disciplined” daughter would use. Others might say it means nothing. The tweet has since gone viral.

Author: JordanThrilla