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A Kobe Jersey Wearing Lakers Fan told Lebron his Bubble Ring Doesn’t Count Sparking a Heated Argument

Lebron James is widely regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he still faces criticism from some fans who question his legacy and achievements. One such fan confronted him during the Lakers’ recent loss to the Clippers, and sparked a heated argument that was caught on camera.

Why Did a Lakers Fan Tell Lebron James his Bubble Ring Doesn’t Count?

The fan, who was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey, allegedly told Lebron that his bubble ring didn’t count. He was referring to the 2020 NBA championship that Lebron won with the Lakers in the Orlando bubble, where the league resumed its season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The fan implied that the bubble ring was less valuable than other rings because of the unusual circumstances and the lack of fans and travel.

Lebron James did not take kindly to this remark and responded by saying “I came and won you a ring”. He was reminding the fan that he delivered the Lakers their 17th title in franchise history, and their first since Kobe Bryant’s last championship in 2010. He was also implying that the fan should be grateful for his contribution and not disrespect him.

The situation continues to show that many sports fans, even some of those who are faithful to the Lakers, don’t respect Lebron’s bubble ring. They think that it was easier for him to win in the bubble than in a normal season, and that it does not compare to the rings won by other legends like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, or Magic Johnson.

However, this criticism is ridiculous, because many other great teams at the bubble such as the Clippers who lost a 3-1 lead at the bubble couldn’t accomplish winning a ring there like Lebron did. The bubble was not a walk in the park for Lebron and his teammates. They had to overcome many challenges such as living in isolation, playing without fans, and facing tough opponents like the Nuggets, the Heat, and the Rockets. They also had to deal with the emotional impact of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death earlier that year, which motivated them to honor his legacy by winning the title.

Lebron James deserves respect and appreciation for his bubble ring, not mockery and disdain. He proved once again that he is a champion and a leader who can adapt to any situation and overcome any obstacle. He also showed his loyalty and dedication to the Lakers franchise and its fans by bringing them back to glory after a decade of struggle. Lebron James is not only a great player, but also a great person who uses his platform to speak out on social issues and help his community. He should not have to deal with fans who disrespect him and his achievements.

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