Stephen Curry Goes Crazy Yelling At His Team During Timeout of Warriors Blowout Loss to Clippers

There is probably no player in the NBA that hates losing more than Stephen Curry, so it’s no surprise he reached a boiling during their latest. The camera caught Stephen Curry going crazy on his team during timeout of Warriors Blowout loss to Clippers. They ended up losing the game by 26 points.

In footage of the timeout Stephen Curry yells at his team in what looked like an angry attempt to motivate them. Sadly it looked like he was the only one in the huddle that had any passion. That’s probably what was driving him crazy the most.

It has been a tough season for Stephen Curry, but not from the performance standpoint, more so emotionally. We all saw the forehead vein incident, then there was game where he caught a sudden illness, there was Klay Thompson throwing stuff on the sideline, and now Stephen Curry going crazy on his team trying to Marcus Smart them.

The most important thing this shows is that Steph Curry is a true leader even when things aren’t going well.

Author: JordanThrilla

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