A fight in Celtics Locker room turned into a rumble after Celtics Game 2 Loss to heat. Some reports are saying Marcus Smart tried to fight Brad Stevens in Celtics locker room. This led to several Celtics players throwing things and cursing each other out during a brawl in Celtics Locker room.

Multiple tweets from reporters with Insider Information confirmed that objects where heard being thrown in Celtics Locker Room. Loud banging was also heard coming from Celtics locker room area.

It’s not clear what Marcus Smart tried to fight Brad Stevens for, but during the game he was not involved in the offense that much down the stretch. Perhaps Marcus Smart was mad more plays weren’t drawn up for him.

With Celtics down 2-0 to the heat, news of a fight in Celtics locker room is the worse thing that could happen. Their team chemistry is at a season low.

Celtics may be mentally defeated already.

Author: JordanThrilla

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