Stephen Curry feeling sick and being taken off the court during Warriors vs Hornets. Steph Curry sick.

Stephen Curry is seriously sick and had to be taken off the court during Warriors vs Hornets. At the moment it’s unknown what type of sickness Steph Curry is suffering from, but the way he was rushed off the court didn’t look good.

Some will speculate Stephen Curry has COVID-19, but this illness came on suddenly. All reports state he felt healthy before the game, and also had to have tested negative for COVID to be able be in the game.

One other theory is that Stephen Curry has food poisoning, which could suddenly make you feel ill. The way he was walking was bit strange, so it’s tough to decipher what exactly is causing him to feel “not well”.

Whatever the case may be lets hope it’s nothing serious. Prayers up for the Chef Curry.

Author: JordanThrilla

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