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Lebron James’ Death Stare Reaction to ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Chant Treatment from Denver Nuggets’ Crowd Goes Viral

The Denver Nuggets started their new NBA season with a dominant win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night at their home arena. The Nuggets, who knocked out the Lakers in the playoffs last season, showed that they are still the better team as they controlled the game from the second quarter to the end.

AD and Lebron James Get Serenaded with “Who’s Your Daddy” Chants

As the time was running out, the Nuggets fans began to chant “Who’s your daddy” at the Lakers, especially at their star players LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The camera captured a sad-looking Davis, who had a terrible performance and missed most of his shots. James, who had a decent game but not enough to make a difference, looked annoyed as he heard the insults from the crowd.

The chant was a clear reference to the rivalry between the Nuggets and the Lakers, which got heated after last season’s playoff series. Before the opening night game, some Lakers players were talking about how they were eager to face the Nuggets again, hoping to get revenge and prove themselves as contenders.

However, the Nuggets had other plans, as they outperformed the Lakers in every aspect of the game. They shot better, defended better, and played better as a team. They also had a balanced attack, with several players contributing to the win, led by their MVP candidate Nikola Jokic. Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr. also had great games for the Nuggets.


Lebron James’ death stare reaction to the “Who’s your daddy” chants seemed to show peak levels of frustration.

Lebron James' Death Stare Reaction to 'Who's Your Daddy' Chant Treatment from Nuggets Crowd Goes Viral
Lebron James Reacting to “Who’s Your Daddy Chants from Denver Nuggets’ Crowd with a Death Stare Image Credit: YouTube/NBA

The Nuggets showed that they are not afraid of the Lakers, and that they are ready to challenge them for the supremacy in the West once again. The Lakers, on the other hand, showed that they still have a lot of work to do to integrate their new players and find their rhythm.

When two team meet again in they will be in Los Angeles, where the Lakers will try to get some revenge and silence the Nuggets fans. Based on Lebron’s death stare reaction to the “Who’s your daddy” chants he might got for 50.

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