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Here is Why Kevin Durant Tried to Fight Bam Adebayo During Team USA Practice at Tokyo Olympics

We all know Kevin Durant is an emotional player who isn’t scared of anyone, and that includes the great Bam Adebayo. Tempers flared during a Team USA practice at Tokyo Olympics when Kevin Durant tried to fight Bam Adebayo for doing something that really ticked him off.

In the footage below you will see that Bam Adebayo didn’t pass the ball back to Kevin Durant after he made a shot. This broke an unwritten rule that everyone knows you have to follow in the basketball world. Give the ball back to the man who just made the shot. The situation got tense when Kevin Durant got in Bam Adebayo’s face and let him know what was what.

Social media is going to have field day with this, because of the surface it seems Kevin Durant is being sensitive again. What makes this funny was that Bam Adebayo was not phased at all by Kevin Durant trying to fight him.

Could this be bad sign that Team USA’s chemistry is in turmoil? Or is Kevin Durant in a bad mood after seeing Giannis lead a team to championship in way he could never do?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff