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Was Kevin Durant Groping Trae Young? Details Behind the Kevin Durant Gay Conspiracy Theory

Kevin Durant and Trae Young had a battle for ages when their two teams met up on a Friday night. The Hawks started out the game strong, but Nets resilient defense in the 4th quarter was enough to capture the win 105 – 113. The matchup between the two superstars was heated, but there was a unique moment sparking a conspiracy theory that Kevin Durant is gay.

Did Kevin Durant Grope Trae Young To Bully Him During Nets vs Hawks?

There was one point of the game where some people think the camera appeared to show Kevin Durant groping Trae Young before the ball was inbounded. In the footage Kevin Durant’s hands are near Trae Young’s groin, while he was standing behind him with his arms wrapped over his shoulders.

When Trae Young pushes KD’s hand away from his groin area, the Nets star rubbed his face against his face and shoulder area, then put his arm around his body again. Sure KD might have been playing mind games with him to distract his focus from the game, but has an NBA player ever played mind games that way?

Many people on social media think it looked like Kevin Durant molested Trae Young on live TV.

At another heated moment in the game Trae Young almost fights Kevin Durant. The tension between these two took many forms during the contest. One moment they were ready to throw hands, then the next moment it looks like Kevin Durant is caressing Trae Young’s body and groin area.

Is Kevin Durant Gay?

Based on that seemingly intimate moment between the Nets star and Trae Young, conspiracy theories suggesting Kevin Durant is gay are floating around social media and forums. Conspiracy theorists are pointing out that Kevin Durant has no kids at 33 years old while being in the NBA, and also has rarely been seen publicly with women. However, that could also just mean that he’s moving smart, and knows how to keep his private life from the public eye.

Nevertheless, that moment was strange to see during an NBA game. It was almost like KD forgot the cameras were rolling.

Trae Young finished the night with 31 points and 10 assists on 10-27 shooting. Kevin Durant finished the game with 31 points and 6 assists on 12-22 shooting. Between what looked like Kevin Durant feeling up Trae Young, then laughing at him when they were about to fight, this must have been an embarrassing night for Hawks’ superstar despite the monster stat line.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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