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Here’s Why Stories About Nigerian Seminary Student Dead During Crucifixion are Misleading

If you have access to social media then you may have seen headlines that stated a Nigerian Seminary student died from a crucifixion. From reading headlines like that you would think the Nigerian student died on the cross like Jesus did in the bible, but that couldn’t be further from the truth of what actually happened.

Details on How the Nigerian Seminary Student Died During a Crucifixion

April 15 was Good Friday, which is the religious holiday right before Easter during Holy Week. In many religion oriented schools the special day is used to reenact biblical events that happened during this time period. At the Clariantian University of Nigeria students were doing a play called “The Passion of the Christ”, which of course reenacted a crucifixion scene. During this play a student named Suel Ambrose died after collapsing unexpectedly. He wasn’t the person getting crucified in the play, he was actually playing Saint Peter.

How the Crowd Reacted to Nigerian Seminary Student Dying During a Crucifixion Play

As aforementioned this tragedy happened during a scripted University play, so there was a crowd on hand watching. African news station Vanguard News Nigeria spoke with an eyewitness named Michael Eluwa who detail how Suel Ambrose collapsed during the part of the play where Jesus’ apostle cut off a Roman soldier’s ear in an effort to save his life. When he was on the ground dying people in crowd actually thought it was another scripted part of the play.

Suel Ambrose Image Credit: Facebook

When Suel Ambrose was on the ground dying he started leaking vital red fluid, which was the sign that made bystanders realize the situation was grave.

He was first taken to a hospital inside the University, but was then sent to the Federal Medical Center where he was officially pronounced dead. It was reported he had a preexisting health condition, but no details about it were given. He was 25 years old at the time of his death.

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