Vaccine related injuries are something that you rarely ever hear major news outlets talking about. While majority of people who take the vaccine don’t experience serious side effects, there are people whose lives have changed forever after taking the jab. Most recently the COVID-19 vaccine side-effect horror story of a woman named Michelle Flower has shocked social media.

Woman Named Michelle Flower Claims COVID Vaccine Gave Her Dermatomyositis, Aged Her 20 Years, and Permanently Damaged Her Immune System

The life changing experience for the 41 year old Michelle Flower started way back in January. She isn’t an anti-vaxxer, so she was very eager to get her COVID-19 booster shot when it became available. Since she had taken the vaccine before, she never could expect would happen after her appointment. Within 2 weeks Michelle Flower began to experience a rare COVID vaccine side effect called Dermatomyositis.

According to her own account the Dermatomyositis started making her skin crack and burn, her joints sore, swelling around her eyes, and caused hives on her neck and armpits. She says the newly developed condition caused her to age 20 years in 3 days in terms of her physical appearance. At first doctors thought she was suffering from Urticaria, which is a different type of skin condition that makes red itchy welts develop. She was given steroids which helped, but once she stopped using them her skin began cracking and burning, and her joints became sore again. She described the pain she is going through as having Sunburn 24/7. Here is a viral photo of how her face looks now.

Michelle Flower’s Face After COVID Vaccine Side-Effect Damage

According to reports, Michelle Flower claims she is now suffering mental health issues, because of the daily pain she has to go through. She claims that she goes days without sleep, because of the pain. The worst part is when she first went to the doctor they misdiagnosed her, and told her that she was probably going outside too much. She claims most doctors she has consulted don’t have any experience with the COVID vaccine side effect that has taken over her life. She also alleges that her immune system is permanently damaged, and she is now reliant on medications. Doctors are now planning to do a biopsy of her skin to see if they can find a way to cure her condition.

Earlier this year FDA released FOIA requested documents from Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trials, which listed over 1,000 side effects people experienced during the creation of the vaccine. Many people write off those side effects, because most people don’t experience them, but it can happen to anybody. Prayers up for Michelle Flower.

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