Two Monitor Lizards Hugging it Out

When it comes to finding pleasure there is no species more creative than human beings. Other animals usually only make love to reproduce, but we are one of the few that do so mostly for gratification. For four men that gratification came from a Monitor Lizard.

Four Men Caught on Video Sexually Assaulting Monitor Lizard Get Arrested by Police

According to a report from the Maharashtra Forest Department they discovered a video of 4 men raping a Monitor Lizard in India’s Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. The discovery was actually made by accident while they were investigating the 4 individuals for poaching. The men were caught bringing weapons onto the reserve by secret cameras setup to do their annual census of counting tigers.

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

According to reports, staff from the Maharashtra Forest Department are planning to use India’s Section 377 law, which cover unnatural offenses. The four men were arrested between the dates of April 1 and 5. While they were in custody police began looking through videos on their phones, and discovered they had sexually assaulted a Monitor Lizard multiple times. Police listed the 4 suspects’ names as Sandeep Pawar, Ramesh Ghag, Akshay Kametkar, and Mangesh Kametkar. It appears two of the men are related.

Sahyadri Tiger Reserve

While there have been stories of people sexually abusing animals in the past, this might the first time the world has heard of men raping a Monitor Lizard. It doesn’t even sound possible, but somehow those 4 strange individuals not only allegedly did the heinous act, but also recorded it to watch later. It’s almost like they made a Monitor Lizard $ex tape.

Prayers up for that Monitor Lizard, hopefully they have short term memory.

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