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Is Donald Trump Dead? Details on Why #TrumpisDead Hashtag is Viral on Social Media

On social media today one of the top trending hashtags was #TrumpisDead. Thousands of tweets were claiming that Donald Trump is dead a 76 years old. As people scrambled to find out if there was any merit to the trend the Twitter world was in a frenzy. In this article we’ll discuss the truth behind this viral rumor.

Why is Hashtag #TrumpisDead is Trending on Social Media?

Politics is a strange place where people constantly argue with anyone who doesn’t believe the same things they do. People on the right wing and left wing are always finding ways to try angering each other, which is usually quite comedic. It seems the rumor of Donald Trump’s death was just political satire possibly meant to troll Elon Musk’s goal to allow more free speech on Twitter, and his possible intention to reinstate Donald’s account. It’s alleged people who don’t like Trump decided to see if they could get some fake news trending to grind Elon Musk’s gears. Just like that the #Trumpisdead hashtag went viral.

The “Trump is Dead” trend is another one of those nothing is off limits type of social media jokes. That happens a lot during election time.

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