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Did Joe Biden Greenlight a Ukraine False Flag Operation? Details Behind Conspiracy Theory

Perhaps one of the strangest Ukraine War related accusations to come from America is going viral, and it involves Joe Biden. We all know that his performance as president so far has been less than stellar, and at the moment things aren’t going well in America. Inflation in the economy seems out of control, and gas prices are soaring to astronomical new highs just to name a few. Now there is viral conspiracy theory that alleges Joe Biden is using the Ukraine War for political gain.

Did Joe Biden Greenlight a Ukraine False Flag Operation? Details Behind the Joe Biden False Flag Conspiracy Theory

According to allegations from the news network OAN, Joe Biden greenlighted a Ukraine False Flag operation that killed or injured many people including pregnant woman. Do you remember that bombing of the Ukrainian maternity hospital in Mariupol? The explosion leveled the whole building leaving bodies of innocent people trapped or crushed by the devastation.

According to OAN host Pearson Sharp that attack wasn’t done by Russia, it was done by America. According to his conspiracy theory Joe Biden devised the false flag operation in Ukraine to distract the American public from the current domestic issues his administration has failed to solve. In addition the Russian government also claims the attack was staged.

Would Joe Biden really stoop as low killing innocent people with a Ukraine False Flag operation just to better his image in America?

There was no concrete evidence cited in the OAN telecast to support the conspiracy theory about Joe Biden’s false flag operation in Ukraine. However, if there was evidence it wouldn’t be a very good plan in the first place. By definition a False Flag operation is meant to completely disguise the actual source of action, and pin the blame on another party. These shady type of plans work exceptionally well when you are trying to pin the blame on a political party or country that already has a tarnished image to the general public.

It’s tough to imagine Joe Biden ordering a Ukraine False Flag operation, but then again this is the same guy that abandoned people in Afghanistan after assuring the world that the Taliban would never take over their country under his watch.

Hopefully this allegation ends up not being true though, because if confirmed it would mean Joe Biden double crossed Ukraine in a very evil way.