Canadian Store Herbs Plus Beadworks Bans People Who Have Taken COVID-19 Vaccine From Shopping at Store

In today’s world many places are adopting policies that bar people who haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine from accessing certain things. For example COVID-19 vaccine passports help you travel more freely. However, some places are doing the opposite and banning people for taking the COVID vaccine. As example the Canada store Herbs Plus Beadworks has banned people who take COVID-19 vaccine from shopping at their store. The grounds for their new policy are very intriguing.

According to a message plastered on their front doors the store owner Tony Pantalleresco is fearful of the potential unknown side effects of an experimental vaccine that alters your DNA. He allegedly consulted with insurance companies who supported his decision. His messages states that the unknown health effects of the mRNA vaccine will not be their responsibility, and he wants to ensure the safety of his employees and existing clients. He ended his message saying that they will not change their policy until clinical trials for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are done in 2023.

The last part of his message is the most profound, because what he said is technically true. COVID-19 vaccines are still in the clinical trial phase, and people are basically being used a test subjects in a sense.

Canadian Store Herb Plus Beadworks Bans People Who Have Taken COVID-19 Vaccine From Shopping at Store

Death Stats for The Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines

Official VAERS reports from Newsweek state that 970 people have died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine shot. 495 of deaths occurred after people took a Moderna vaccine, and 475 occurred after taking Pfizer shot. In all, around 90 million people have taken COVID-19 vaccine shots, so in general that is a very small percentage. However, it does show that the COVID-19 vaccine is capable of causing death. Some scientists claim more research needs to be done to be 100% certain those 970 deaths can be directly attributed to the COVID-19 vaccine. What’s also not known is the long term side effects these vaccines could potentially cause due to the way they work by altering mRNA.

Is this Canadian store making a mistake that could cost them to lose business? Only time will tell, but you have to admire the store owner willing to risk everything to stand behind his beliefs against the COVID-19 vaccine. That’s true definition of putting your money where your mouth is.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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