The criminal world of selling drugs just got shaken up by a new development. Footage shows Police revealing a new path tracking technology they use to find trap house drug deal locations that are hidden in plain sight.

The path tracking technology uses street camera’s to keep track of every movement all people make that come into it’s view. Over time it compiles those paths to identify which locations have an unnatural amount of visitors over a given amount time. When a path is marked in red has been identifies the destination then police can use this new technology to “mark” a location for a future raid.

Essentially gone are the days that they would have to monitor an area physically. A computer can do the entire job for them 24/7, and keep track of an unlimited amount of people.

Seeing technology like this being put in use is simply amazing when you think about how close to the futuristic movies real life is getting. However, it’s also scary to think about how it can be abused, and become another invasion of privacy. This takes the old saying, “the FEDS is always watching” to a whole new level. Drug dealers everywhere must be shaking in their boots over this new technology.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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