In recent weeks the term “anti-semitism” has been the most talked about topics on social media due to the situations involving multiple celebrities, and incidents happening around the USA. Most recently a man in New York was possibly paying homage to the horrific Nazi era of Germany.

A viral video sending shockwaves through social media appears to show a man dressed as a Nazi Soldier entering Fanelli cafe in Soho. It’s possible this person decided to do this since it’s Halloween time, but considering the dark history associated with Nazi symbols, it’s safe to say he probably wanted to stir up some drama, which is exactly what he got.

As you’ll see in the footage below the patrons at the bar were ready to beat this guy down for wearing the racist costume. One person even got out his seat, and basically chased the guy out the door. Sadly the man was laughing as he got kicked out seemingly happy he got a reaction out of the people there, which is probably what he was looking for. As of this writing the video, which was posted by a Jewish twitter user has over 6 million views, and counting.


Due to everything going on with Kanye West recently there seems to be heightened awareness to the prejudice behaviours Jews sometimes endure in America, which is making businesses invest more money into campaings against anti-semitism. For example a commercial aired during a recent NFL game talked about stopping Jew hate, which was paid for by Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft. Commercials like that haven’t been shown on major National TV telecasts in a long time.

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