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New Details About Suicide Jumper Man Overboard on Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras Ship

Recently the craziest the stories about Carnival Cruise ship passengers have been taking over the headlines. A few weeks ago a woman committed suicide on their Valor cruise ship. Now another story has come out about a man jumping overboard on the Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras ship, and the details are simply shocking.

New Details About Suicide Jumper Man Overboard on Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras Ship

According to multiple reports the man was on the ship with his family, before something happened that made him suicidal. With the Carnival Mardi Gras ship about 50 miles from its Port Canaveral destination the man jumped overboard. Within minutes rescue efforts were underway, but as of the time of this writing the man’s body has still not been recovered.

The effort to locate the man before he drowned was intense. The Coast Guard, military planes, and another Carnival Cruise ship called ‘Elation’ all joined together in the effort. At this point is most likely the man is dead. Carnival Cruise staff are now focusing their efforts on consoling the man’s family through this tough time. One can only imagine the emotional pain they are going through right now.

Why Did the Man Commit Suicide by Jumping Overboard the Carnival Cruise Mardi Gras Ship?

The biggest mystery about this tragic situation, is why the man choose to end his life in a way that would be so devastating to his loved ones? Not only did this happen during a holiday celebration cruise, but as aforementioned his family was on the cruise ship with him. It’s not known if they were watching as he jumped from the ship. The last time a suicide jumper was on Carnival Cruise Ship the only clue she left was yelling out the name ‘Alicia’. In this situation the man left no clues behind.

After the tragic incident Carnival Cruise went ahead to it’s Port Canaveral destination as planned, and will continue to follow it’s schedule itinerary.

The situation spells more trouble for a company that was already facing lawsuits from the passengers who witnessed the female suicide jumper on their Valor Cruise ships some weeks ago.

Prayers up for that man’s family.

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