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TikToker Explaining Why She Feels Straight Men Shouldn’t Use StairMasters Sparks Heated Debate

A TikToker named @pilatesbodyraven is going viral after she posted a video claiming that straight men shouldn’t use StairMaster machines. The video has sparked a lot of reactions and debates on social media, with some people agreeing with her and others criticizing her.

Why Does the Female TikTok User @pilatesbodyraven Think Straight Men Shouldn’t Use StairMaster Machines?

In the video, @pilatesbodyraven expressed that she believes any man using a stair stepper machine is probably gay. She said that the Stair Master, which works out the legs and the butt, is only for women. Essentially she’s believe it looks very feminine when a man is doing StairMaster reps during a workout. Some people think she’s stereotyping both straight and gay men at the same time.

What is a StairMaster Machine?

The Stair-Master is a fitness equipment that simulates climbing stairs. It is designed to provide a low-impact, high-intensity cardio workout that targets the lower body muscles, such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. It also helps burn calories and improve endurance and balance.

The video of @pilatesbodyraven has sparked some intense reactions on social media. Many people have disagreed with her, and called her for generalizing people. They have argued that the StairMaster is not gender-specific, and that anyone can use it regardless of their sexual orientation. They have also pointed out that the Stair steppers is beneficial for straight men who want to improve their leg strength and overall fitness.

TikTok user @pilatesbodyraven explaining why she thinks Straight Guys Can't Use Stair Master Machines
People Can’t Believe TikTok User @pilatesbodyraven Thinks Straight Guys Can’t Use Stair Master Machines

Some netizens believe that her critique of straight men using stair steppers will spark a trend of men posting videos of themselves using the Stair Master to mock her.

This situation is one of the most amusing and absurd examples of fitness culture and social media influence in recent history. It shows how some people can have strong opinions and preferences about exercise, and how they can affect others. It also raises questions about the stereotypes, expectations, and norms of gender in society.

Maybe this is an opportunity for the marketing team behind the stair stepper to switch up their strategy, and quell these type of stereotypical opinions about their userbase.

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