Here's What's Different About Beyoncé 'Cuff It' Wetter Remix Lyrics Compared to the Original

The Queen of RnB, Beyoncé, has just released a remix of her hit single ‘Cuff it’. The song has become an anthem for strong women everywhere, and the remix brings it to a whole new level with an artistic incorporation of a classic song from legendary rapper Twista.

What Has Changed in Beyoncé Cuff It Wetter Remix Lyrics?

On the remix Beyoncé’s vocals are slowed down a bit, and mixed over the instrumental from Twista’s hit song “Wetter”. The chorus of the song is also changed from the original, adding a more hip-hop feel to it, which ultimately leads to more intense powerful track. In addition an entirely new first verse has been added. The remix is a much-needed update of an already timeless track.

It has reminded us of the power of Beyoncé’s voice, and the masterpiece that was Twista’s song “Wetter”. The song has been well-received, which is why it is now viral on social media.

In the opening verse Beyonce sings, “Baby, make it rain, Don’t let go until it storms again. I pray that this will never end. My love, love, cuff it, don’t stop. Let me love you to the remix. I feel like fallin’ in love. I’m in the mood to f*** something up. I need some drink in my cup. I’m in the mood to f*** something up”. That opening verse is main difference in the Cuff it Wetter remix lyrics.

Twista posted a tweet saying “Happy Friday” to promote the release of the legendary Cuff it Wetter remix. If you want to buy the song the only way to do so is via Beyonce’s website.

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