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Did Johnnie B Kill Honeycomb Brazy Grandparents and Burn Down His House? Alleged Evidence Inside

Did Johnnie B kill Honeycomb Brazy’s grandparents and burn down his house? New evidence alleges that Honeykomb Brazy smashed Johnnie B’s baby mama and killed his brother “Stank”. In retaliation rumors are alleging Johnnie B had Honeykomb Brazy’s house burned down and his grandparents murdered.

The evidence comes from a freestyle Honeykomb Brazy did while he was prisom, and also a video where he said there was $2 Million dollar price on his head for what he described himself doing in that freestyle.

In the lyrics of the freestyle in question Honeycomb Brazy talked about being at Johnnie B’s house smashing his baby mama, while his brother Stank was knocking on the door. Honeykomb Brazy talks about getting his pistol and shooting the person that was at the door. He insinuates it was Stank when he mentioned they used to gangbang together, and also knows that he might get killed for what he did due to who Johnnie B has ties with.

First listen closely to this audio of Honeycomb Brazy possibly talking about shooting Johnnie B’s brother and smashing his baby mama.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the videos if you hear no sound.

Now here is a later video after he was out of jail talking about the price that’s on his head, which possibly validates again what he mentioned in that freestyle.

Fast forward to yesterday and Honeycomb Brazy’s house was bombed and burned down after his grandparents were shot and killed. Was this related to the events he described in the freestyle?

If so, there’s a possibility that Johnnie B burned down Honeycomb Brazy’s house and shot his grandparents, or at least knows who did. Since these are just rumors with no concrete evidence it remains a conspiracy theory.

Author: JordanThrilla