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Did JHE Rooga Get Beat Up On Stage? JHE Rooga Responds to Fight Video with Bold Message

JHE Rooga, a popular hip-hop artist, recently responded to claims that a video was circulating of him getting beat up on stage. In a recent IG live, JHE Rooga spoke out against the video, explaining that it was not him in the video.

The Evidence Possibly Debunking the Rumor JHE Rooga Got Beat Up on Stage

The artist noted the differences between himself and the person in the video. Firstly, JHE Rooga claimed he never dresses like the person in the video. The artist also pointed out that the person was not wearing any jewelry, which is something that JHE Rooga often does. Additionally, the person was seen wearing red-bottom shoes – a fashion choice that JHE Rooga claims he would never make.

JHE Rooga’s friends= also joined the IG live to back his claims, pointing out that the person in the video had their jeans tucked into their red-bottom shoes – something that JHE Rooga would never do fashion-wise. The friend also highlighted the fact that the person in the video was wearing clothes that were too small for JHE Rooga. Do you think he’s being truthful, or trying to save face? Take a look at the viral fight video, and JHE Rooga’s reaction.

In conclusion, JHE Rooga addressed the claims against him, and explained how it wasn’t him in the video. He highlighted several differences between himself and the person in the video, such as fashion choices and jewelry. His friends further backed his claims by pointing out intricate details regarding the lower portion of the person’s jeans. It looks like this could really be a case of mistaken identity by social media.

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