If you could eat the DNA of any celebrity who would choose? For most men that are hip-hop fans the answer was very easy, Rubi Rose. By now most people know that she’s one of the most attractive female hip-hop artists of all time. Most people would agree that her body is much more popular than her music, which isn’t a bad thing because it’s tough for anything to surpass the greatness of her physical image. Recently the idea of Rubi Rose infused steak went viral for the strangest reason.

Rubi Rose DNA Infused Steak Trends After Rumor of Restaurant Injecting Celebrities’ DNA in Meat Food

Recently a tweet went viral posted by a woman who claimed a restaurant is injecting celebrities’ DNA in meat. It’s not clear what bodily fluid they were using to achieve this strange food idea, but it sounds all kinds of nasty. Nevertheless some people are willing to eat the DNA of a celebrity if they find them attractive enough.

With discussions around the restaurant injecting meat with celebrity DNA going viral, Rubi Rose infused steak, breast milk, wings, and other food ideas started to trend.

As the first tweet suggests would it be right to consider people cannibals if they eat meat injected with celebrity DNA? That’s a tough call to make since they probably aren’t injecting the flesh of a human being into the meat, which would probably be illegal. Still yet eating human DNA with your meal is definitely a bit strange.

Based on the reactions from people willing to eat infused Rubi Rose DNA steak she might want to start her own restaurant where every item has her DNA in it.

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