Lil Durk and Girlfriend India Get in Shootout With Robbers During Home Invasion at his Atlanta Home Inside Gated Community

Who tried to rob Lil Durk at his house? A few days ago DJ Akademiks reported Lil Durk’s Atlanta home was raided by FEDS early Sunday morning. He alleged there was a shooting at Lil Durk’s house, and FEDS came to investigate in response. Now details of the night have come out that describe why police were treating Lil Durk as the victim.

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According to new reports Lil Durk and his girlfriend India were the target of home invasion, and aggravated assault. It appears their bravery is the reason they didn’t get hurt. Reports are saying Lil Durk and his girlfriend India shot at the robbers in self defense during a shootout.

Take a listen to how DJ Akademiks described the situation a few days ago.

Part 2.

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This new information explains why FEDS raided Lil Durk’s house, while also considering him the victim. The fact that Lil Durk’s girlfriend India exchanged gunfire with the robbers too shows that she is a real ride or die chick.

Luckily in this situation no one was hurt, because we have all seen this type of situation end differently for other rappers.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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