Dr. Dan Stock Exposes CDC and State Board of Health During MT Vernon School Board Meeting. Dr. Dan Stock accuses CDC of ignoring science

A doctors speech about COVID-19 during a MT Vernon school board meeting has turned into one of the most watched videos around the internet. Dr. Dan Stock exposed CDC and State Board Health allegedly ignoring science with the COVID-19 Vaccine and recommendations they promote. He believes their alleged neglect of science is why none of the measures such as mask mandates and vaccines seem to work effectively.

Dr. Dan Stock was trying to convince the MT Vernon school board to take advice from other entities besides the CDC and State Board of Health, because he seems to feel they have an ulterior motive in the guidelines they promote. He alleged CDC paid for scientific studies to be done that showed masks were ineffective against stopping COVID-19 particles, because they were too small. He claims they went ahead with mask mandates ignoring the results of these experiments. He also alleges that COVID-19 will never be stopped, because it has “animal reservoirs”, which he claims CDC knows since it’s the same reason why the common cold, the Flu, and other viruses with animal reservoirs have never been completely eradicated.

The biggest moment of Dan Stock’s speech during the MT Vernon School Board meeting concerned the COVID-19 vaccine. He claims CDC knew from many studies that the vaccines don’t fully work, and possibly contribute to making COVID-19 mutate in a stronger virus. It seems like he was possibly implying the Delta Variant could actually be the result of a mutation created by COVID vaccine.

Take a listen for yourself.


The big question here is if Dan Stock is right about CDC ignoring science when providing instructions about COVID-19, what is the real motive? Conspiracy Theorists believe the answer is very simple, money is the motive as with most things in life. Some world leaders like the president of Mexico seem to believe that too.

It’s easy to see why Dan Stock’s controversial CDC speech during the MT Vernon school board meeting has the internet in a frenzy.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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