Dennis Schroder Skate Board Skills Go Viral After Video of Dennis Schroder Skate Boarding Away the Emotional Pain of Losing $78 Million

Most people know that Dennis Schroder is a two sport athlete who is good at basketball and soccer. However, he might actually be a 3 sport athlete based on an incredible new video. Dennis Schroder’s skate boarding skills are going viral.

In the footage Dennis Schroder is skate boarding like prime Tony Hawk. He was hitting kick flips, grinding on rails, jumping down steps, and never losing balancing while holding a cup in his hand. This guy legit looked like a professional skateboarder.

The only thing troubling about this amazing footage is the high injury risk that comes with skateboarding. With Dennis Schroder losing $78 Million in a free agency blunder, staying healthy should be his utmost concern. Next season has to be the best season of his career in order for him to secure the massive contract he was hoping to get. Still yet Dennis Schroder’s skate boarding skills are very impressive.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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