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Mexican Wife Leonora A. Stabs Husband Juan After Finding Pictures of Her Younger Self In His Phone

A Mexican wife named Leonora A. stabbed her husband Juan after finding pictures of her younger self in his phone. It’s sounds too crazy to be true, but this really happened, and how it happened it simply unbelievable.

Leonora A’s husband Juan was looking through his phone, when she walked in the room and went into a fit of rage after seeing photos of him having intercourse with a younger woman. Before asking any questions she stabbed him multiple times in his arms and legs.

The woman he was having intercourse with in the photos, was actually her when she younger and much more in shape. As he was bleeding profusely he told her that he found the old photos in his email at work, decided to save them in his phone to have memories of their past. At this point Lenora A realized she made a huge mistake, but it was too late.

Before continuing the story take a look at Leonora  A’s mugshot below.

Their next door neighbors heard the commotion and screams from Juan as his wife Lenora A. stabbed him, and notified the police. When they arrived they immediately transported him to the hospital, and arrested his wife.

According to reports Leonora A. is being charged with attempted murder, but it’s not clear if her husband will try to get those charges dropped since it was technically a misunderstanding. Juan is expected to survive the stabbing attack, but he will have permanent scars that remind of him of this horrific day.

The moral of this story is never let yourself go to the point that you don’t even recognize your own photos anymore.

Author: JordanThrilla