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Is Young Buck Gay? Young Buck Finally Explains Why He Got Caught with a Transgender Woman in New Interview

For many years people have wondered if Young Buck is gay. It all started when a Transgendered woman exposed that Young Buck was allegedly hooking it up with them on the low. In a new DJ Vlad interview Young Buck explained how he got caught with a transgender woman.

The transgender woman in question was able to prove Young Buck was talking to them by releasing a recorded phone call where he begged to keep their relationship private. According to this new interview, Young Buck claims he was catfished. He says he didn’t know the person he was messing with was transgender.

Is he lying? Take a listen to the new Young Buck DJ Vlad interview.

Now take a listen to that recorded phone call with the transgender woman that made people believe Young Buck is gay.


Is Young Buck now lying to clear his name? Based on that recorded phone call it seems Young Buck was fully aware that he was talking to a transgender woman. However, it is also possible that he was catfished. There are also people who believe messing with a Transgender woman doesn’t make you gay.

All in all, for some people nothing will change their mind about Young Buck possibly being gay. Too much stuff went down to change some people’s minds. The damage to Young Buck’s career due to this Transgender woman situation is irreparable at this point, even a DJ Vlad interview can’t help that.

Author: JordanThrilla