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13 Year Old Star Basketball Player with No Legs Named Josiah Johnson Goes Viral After Making Moore Middle School Mustangs Team

Moore Middle Schooler Josiah Johnson is a 13 year old basketball player with a remarkable story. Despite being born without legs, and facing countless challenges, Josiah has managed to become a competitive basketball player at his middle school for the Mustangs. He has inspired many of his peers and adults alike, as he pushes through all the difficulties he has faced.

Why is Josiah Johnson Missing Both Legs?

Josiah was born with a rare birth defect which left him without legs. Growing up, he faced many obstacles due to his condition, including not being able to participate in sports. However, Josiah was determined to achieve his dreams and was not going to let his physical disability stand in his way.

At the age of nine, Josiah went to a basketball camp for disabled children and amazed everyone with his outstanding skill and passion for the game. He quickly became the star of the camp, and began to gain recognition from people around the world.

Since then, Josiah has gone on to become a successful middle school basketball player. He is able to maneuver around the court, despite having no legs, and without using a specialized wheelchair. He is a key member of his school’s basketball team, and his teammates look up to him for his strength and courage. Video clips of him crossing up defenders have been shared millions of times on social media.

When asked about his accomplishments, Josiah simply states that “I am just like any other basketball player out there”. Despite the challenges he has faced, Josiah has managed to stay positive and continue to push through any obstacle that comes in his way. As the years go on, Josiah continues to aspire to reach new heights and make a difference in the lives of others. His story of perseverance and determination continues to inspire many people, as he shows that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

In a world where anything is possible, Josiah Johnson is a perfect example of a young person who has faced adversity and come out even stronger. His story is one of courage and determination, and he is an inspiration to everyone he meets. His story is similar to the MMA fighter with no legs in some ways.