Social Media Roasting Maxisnicee After Strange 'Avery Bradley Be Like' Video

How do you know when the internet is tired of a gimmick that made you famous? The answer is more complex than you think, because in some cases people growing to dislike your product can actually bring it more views. At the same time that could the beginning of the end in terms overall success. For Maxisnicee it seems he is at the crossroads of people watching his product just because they dislike so much.

Social Media Roasts Maxisnicee After Strange ‘Avery Bradley Be Like’ Video

In his latest video Maxisnicee chose to target Avery Bradley, which was a break from his norm of impersonating superstar players. He definitely accurately protrayed his mannerisms on the court, but most people on social media just don’t find those types of videos funny anymore. The gimmick that BdotAdot5 started was already kind of played out when Maxisnicee started doing them all those years ago, so it’s actually amazing it took this long for people to grow tired of them.

His latest video has over 1 million views on Twitter, but most of them came from other people roasting it in retweets for being unfunny and played out. As you’ll see below social media roasted Maxisnicee with some hilarious jokes to convey their feelings about him still doing impersonation videos. Among the comments were mentions of him working at Amazon, becoming a truck driver, or the fact that some people who were in high school when he started making impersonation videos have now graduated, and he’s still making them.

This comment below telling Maxisnicee Amazon is hiring has almost 5 times as many likes as his actual video to put things in perspective.

Despite getting roasted by social media based on the amount of views the negative comments have brought him he has plenty of reasons to make another video.

The impersonation videos may not be that funny anymore, but the jokes about his persistence in making them has become comedic gold. He’s almost like another version of Tekashi69 at this point in terms of getting a lot of attention due to so many people disliking his gimmick.

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