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DK Metcalf Sneaks Back Into Game After Getting Ejected For Fighting Henry Black

Most times when you see an athlete getting ejected from a game they quickly leave the court or field, and go back to the locker room. Sometimes players protest ejections by exiting the game too slowly, but we’ve never seen a player try to evade an ejection until today. The ejection evasion technique that DK Metcalf attempted during Seahawks vs Packers was truly the first of its kind.

DK Metcalf Gets Ejected then Goes Back into Game After Fighting Henry Black

This whole incident started when DK Metcalf grabbed Henry Black’s facemask between plays, which led to a brief scuffle between him and two Packers players. The bad sportsmanship led to referees ejecting DK Metcalf from the game. Despite his disqualification from the action, DK Metcalf wasn’t trying to end his night after getting ejected.

After the ejection DK Metcalf sneaked back into the game, but was quickly escorted out of Seahawks huddle by a referee. It was probably one of the funniest moments of the NFL season so far.

First take a look at DK Metcalf fighting Henry Black by grabbing his facemask aggressively.

Here is the ejected DK Metcalf sneaking back into the game in Seahawks’ huddle, and getting caught.

If only the referee didn’t notice, this would have been a highlight for ages. Imagine an ejected player making a game changing play, only for refs to realize the player wasn’t even supposed to be on the field.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff

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